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Colorado Rocky Mountain Update

This afternoon we made our successful return to civilization after spending four days in the backcountry of Rocky Mountain National Park.  I am proud to report that every member of the group caught and landed multiple fish and are on their way to becoming accomplished anglers. IMG_1135 Our first d

Goodbye Maine

Yesterday marked the final day of our Maine Expedition. Our great group of fisherman and fortunate timing made for some of the best fishing of the summer thus far. The last two days were spent on the Rapid River, while staying at the historic Lakewood Camps. I think it is safe to say it was the highlight of the trip!

Winding Down in Maine

Hello from Maine,

Our time here is flying by! After exiting the backcountry we spent the Saturday and Sunday in Greenville Maine before heading west to the Rangeley Lakes Region where we will spend the rest of the trip.

Maine Expedition Update

Hello from Maine. We came out of the Indian Pond backcountry today, and the experience could not have gone better. Everyone caught tons of fish, especially on the two days floating the West Outlet of the Kennebec River for trophy size smallmouth. The species range was extremely wide with good sized salmon, brook trout, smallmouth, perch, and creek chub all being caught on the fly.

Maine Expedition Off to a Great Start

Greetings from beautiful Maine. We are all very excited to have this eager group of young anglers on this Maine Woods Expedition, a trip that should not be short of amazing fishing and scenery. Pick up day went quite smoothly, and we were on the road to Maine from Boston shortly in the afternoon, arriving at Lily Bay State park located on Moosehead Lake in the evening with enough light to watch the sunset and listen to the Loons as we fell asleep.

Colorado Adventure

We are out of the backcountry, cleaned up, re-supplied, and ready to start our next adventure.  I must admit that the fishing over the past few days has been tough at best.  Due to the heavy snowfall we received in April and May here in Colorado, the rivers are still running quite high and fast which means the fish are hunkered down and not really eating.  We cut one day off the front end of our backcountry trip to fish the headwaters of the mighty Colorado river and to get the guys somewhat used to the difficult conditions we would expect to find on our backcountry trip.  We managed to pul

Maine Woods Adventure Wrap Up

Hello from Massachusetts. It is incredible that the Maine Woods Adventure is already coming to a close. We have had a great group of kids, and hopefully we will be able to fish with many of them again soon. Tonight was spent reminiscing on the good times had on the trip and fish caught, all while filling up at dinner from a local Mexican restaurant.

Maine Woods Update

Greetings from beautiful Maine yet again. We exited the backcountry today via canoe, which has been our main form of travel for almost the entire trip. It was a successful backcountry venture coupled with some of the greatest weather I have ever encountered in this neck of the woods.

Heading into the Maine Woods

Greetings from Maine. Things are off to a great start here on Moosehead Lake, as there is really no better place to kick off a trip. Yesterday was an eventful day filled with both backcountry preparation and fishing in the surrounding area. After fishing around the campsite for a while, we prepared an awesome meal of chicken stir fry and prepared for our upcoming canoeing trip to Indian pond.

NC Final Update

It is hard to believe tonight will be our final night spent with this awesome group here in NC, but we are lucky to to say we have had the best fishing/weather imaginable.

We started our trip with three fish filled days on the delayed harvest section of the West Fork of the Pigeon River. It was perfect place for our group to develop their fishing skills, and we all caught a lot of fish in the process!

Wild Brookies and Trophy Trout in NC

Greetings from NC,

Our crew of anglers hiked out of the backcountry today after 2 days and 2 nights of chasing native Southern Appalachian Brook Trout. We were up early this morning in anticipation of an afternoon spent stalking monster trout on a private section of the West Fork of the French Broad River. The fishing over the last few days has been phenomenal to say the least.

X-Term with St. Christopher’s and St. Catherine’s

The increased awareness of the benefits of out of classroom educational opportunities is one of the educational trends from the past few years that I can definitely stand behind. Last week I was given the opportunity to partner up with Virginia Fishing Adventures, St. Christopher’s School, and St. Catherine’s School for their annual “x-term” fishing trip. During the last week before spring break students have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of out of classroom learning experiences ranging from service projects abroad to learning how to fly fish.

2015 Photo Highlights

It wasn’t easy but after sorting through thousands of photos I picked my three favorites for each trip in three different categories. Best Group Shot, Best Fish Picture, and best Scenic Picture. Enjoy…

NC Blue Ridge

Join the Team

When Kim and I started LFFE 5 years ago, companies focussing on backcountry fly fishing adventures for teens were unheard of. Our greatest hurdle was letting potential families know that these unique opportunities existed. With the help of family and friends, we gained an audience anywhere we could. We went to schools, scout troops, family homes, summer camp fairs, and just about any other venue you can think of. We showed slideshows, taught casting and fly tying lessons, and met face-to-face with parents of potential participants.

2015 Photo Albums

Our last trip of the summer ended less then 3 weeks ago, but already it feels like its been months. I tried to replay the entire summer in my mind during my long drive back east, but so much happens every day that it is hard to remember it all. Luckily for us we have pictures… thousands of pictures. When I got home, showered, and rested, I got out my computer and started sorting through all of the photos we accumulated over the summer.

Yellowstone Adventure Update

This morning our Yellowstone Adventure hiked out of the backcountry for the last time. It is hard to believe, but we only have 4 days left in the final LFFE Adventure of the summer. We have had an action packed last few days, and are looking forward to some trip highlights still to come.

After two days of catching some trophy trout on Soda Butte Creek, and catching a fresh dinner of brook trout and rainbow trout on Tower Creek our group headed into the backcountry on August 12th. We were all eager to get away from the crowds and catch some beautiful fish.

Nearing the End

We are sad to say our Yellowstone portion of the trip has come to an end. We made the most of our last days fishing four different waterways. After our second shot at the Lower Gardner (with a bit of redemption before the rain came), we headed to West Yellowstone where we stayed at Baker’s Hole campground located right on the Madison River. We set up camp and shot north to the beautiful Gallatin River. We experienced tough fishing, but we made the most of our setting, enjoying scenery with our friends that we have grown close to over the course of the last two weeks.

Slough Creek Backcountry Update

Hello Everyone!

Its Will again to report that we have all made it out of our second backcountry trip safely and with many huge fish in the books and cameras. After our exit from the Bechler River backcountry we spent some time in Mammoth fishing the Gardner, with some determined anglers catching up to forty fish a day. We had originally planned to remain in the Mammoth region for two days, but by a stroke of luck, we were able to secure two extra days within the Slough Creek backcountry and add some time to the incredible fishing that the river always seems to have.

Lamar River at its finest

It has been a busy 6 days since we hiked out of the Slough Creek backcountry. We set up camp in Pebble Creek campground in the northeast section of Yellowstone for several days where we fished Soda Butte Creek, the Lamar River and our home base waterway, Pebble Creek. We experienced maybe our best fishing at Soda Butte, so we returned the next day. Beautiful Yellowstone cuttys were rising to our dries and eating subsurface nymphs as well.

Slough Creek Here We Come!

It is hard to believe our Yellowstone Expedition has already reached the halfway point! Time flies when your catching fish! The last few days have been full of great fishing on the Gardner River, and the beginning of our Slough Creek backcountry expeditions, a definite highlight of the trip.

West Side Update

For the last four days we have been fishing in the backcountry of the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park.  This past Wednesday we hiked into the North Inlet trail just north of Grand Lake CO.  Thankfully, this hike was much easier than our first excursion into the backcountry.  On top of that, once we reached our campsites, we would be staying put for all three nights.  This meant that we were really going to hit the fishing hard, and the guys sure got after it!

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