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The Charlie Parr Memorial Scholarship helps further Charlie's belief that every student who has the desire should also have the opportunity to participate in LFFE trips. For more information, details about how to apply, or to donate to help make these scholarships available to more participants, click the link below:

Lillard Fly Fishing Conservation Fund

Our son has loved these trips each summer for the past 3 years! Wonderful opportunities to explore our beautiful country and enjoy the best fishing and fellowship.

Anna, Atlanta, GA

We are committed to providing spectacular group experiences. This requires students who are enthusiastic about their opportunity and motivated to be a positive part of a team. To accomplish this, all our applicants and parents must gather information that allows us to ensure we are accepting the right students. Included in this enrollment process is a school reference, physical fitness reference, and information from the student’s physician about medical history. If we feel more information is required, students may be asked to complete a personal statement or telephone interview. All students will be required to sign our expectations and rules. If, at any time during the application process, LFFE determines a student is not the right match for our programs, all payments to LFFE will be refunded.


Our programs are designed to educate in a fun and structured environment. All applicants are expected to be enthusiastic about this opportunity. The use of all tobacco products, drugs (other than prescribed medications), and alcohol are strictly prohibited.


Parent to Office: We are committed to keeping an open line of communication with the parents of our participants. In addition to regular online trip updates, our office is staffed from 8 am to 5 pm seven days a week during the summer. After hours, one member of our office staff will be available by phone for emergency needs. Our field staff is in touch with the office regularly and carries emergency satellite communication systems.

Student to Home: Part of our Adventure Academies is strengthening independence and self-reliance. Except in cases of emergency, participants are not permitted to make phone calls home during trips. Students may travel with their phones for use in airports; however, trip leaders will hold them in a safe place from arrival until departure. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged cell phones.

Emergencies: Parents can be assured that when it is important that a student talks with his or her parents, we will make sure that they are in touch as soon as possible. Our leaders carry satellite communication devices for emergencies.

No Personal Electronics

Reminding students of the simple pleasure found in nature is a major component of our trips. In order to achieve this goal, we remove them from the distractions of modern-day adolescence. Therefore, we do not permit personal electronics on our programs, except for cameras.

As soon as we receive your application and deposit online, you will receive a confirmation email. You can log into your Campintouch account (here) to find important documents like packing lists and supplemental forms. Please be sure to complete all supplemental forms before April, 1st or within 15 days of registering.

As always, reach out via phone or email with any questions. 

Enrollment Forms

You can log into your online registration account at any time to view forms, print forms, submit forms, and check which forms you still need to submit. If you have any questions, just let us know!

Our Meals

Participants are divided into three cook groups and work within their groups to plan our meals. Choosing from a cookbook of proven crowd pleasers, cook groups are responsible for planning and cooking meals for every third day under the supervision of a trip leader. All shopping is done as a group. Backpacking requires a lot of energy, so we make sure there is plenty of food to go around. In addition to three meals a day we have plenty of snacks to keep us energized between meals. Because of our family-style meals, vegetarians eat the same meal as the rest of the group with the meat portion withheld. Please give us a call to discuss how we can accommodate more strict dietary restrictions. 

Traveling With a Friend

Traveling with a friend increases the likelihood of our participants' continued excitement about fly fishing when they return back home. This helps us to reach our educational goals. Therefore we allow participants to sign up with friends. However, to help build group dynamics, we do not allow more than two pairs of friends per trip. If you would like to sign up with a friend, we suggest you sign up as early as possible.

Traveling To & From Your Program

Each program description provides start and end locations; families are responsible for making travel arrangements to and from these locations. Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions leaders will be waiting for you at the arrival airport and will stay with you on your departure day until it is time to board your plane.

Additional Costs

Transportation to and from the start and end locations, spending money, and personal gear are not included in the program fee. Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions provides group gear and basic flies; students provide all personal equipment including fishing gear, specialty flies, backpacks, and sleeping bags. We have quality sleeping bags, backpacks, and fishing rods/reels to rent and tackle/fly packages for sale. A comprehensive packing list will be mailed with your enrollment package. If you would like to take a look at one before enrolling, give us a call.

We're Here to Help

Please don’t hesitate to contact us: 828-577-8204.

Payments & Refunds

A $500 deposit is due with your application or within ten business days for deposits paid via check. Full payment is due April 1st. For applications received after April 1st, full payment is due within 30 days of registration and no later than 15 days before the start of the trip.

  • If your preferred Adventure Academy or dates are not available, your deposit will be returned in full.
  • If upon review of your enrollment forms, Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions concludes we are not the appropriate fit for your child, your deposit and any other payments you made will be returned in full.
  • If at any point in the admissions process we determine that you have provided incomplete, misleading, or false statements, we will withdraw the offer of admission and no refund of any payments to Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions will be made.
  • If you withdraw your child before April 1st (notice of the withdrawal must be made in writing), 50% of the deposit is refundable.
  • If you withdraw your child after April 1st, we are unable to grant refunds for any reason; including, but not limited to: voluntary withdrawal, illness or injury, summer school, or any other reason.
  • If LFFE requires a negative test result for COVID or any other infectious disease and your child can not participate due to a positive test LFFE will retain the deposit and will refund any other payments. 
  • If LFFE cancels or is unable to run a program for any reason we will refund 100% of all payments made. 
  • If your child leaves a program after it starts, there are no refunds for any reason; including, but not limited to: voluntary withdrawal, illness or injury, dismissal by Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions (due to discipline, behavior, lack of fitness or motivation, etc.), or any other reason. Any costs incurred by Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions related to an early departure are the sole responsibility of the
  • We strongly suggest you purchase trip insurance, specifically a "cancel at any time" policy. Click on the program insurance tab for more info. 

Because Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions program payments are NOT refundable after May 15th (Please refer to the Payments and Refunds tab for full tuition refund details), we recommend that all families consider purchasing a travel protection plan that includes trip cancellation coverage. We offer an optional plan for our participants to purchase, A+ Program Protection. The A+ Program Protection may reimburse participants who are forced to cancel or interrupt their participation in Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions as a result of sickness, injury, or certain other covered reasons. If an A+Program is purchased, you will receive a link to your state-specific Program Document, which describes the Program provisions in detail. If A+ receives your program payment with or before your final tuition payment to Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions:1) the pre-existing conditions exclusion will be waived, provided you are not disabled from travel at the time the program payment is made, and 2) you will have the option of purchasing the “Cancel for Any Reason Benefit**.” You may also cancel the Program by giving Trip Mate, the program administrator, written notice within ten days of the Program Protection effective date or your scheduled program departure date. If you do this, Trip Mate will refund the program payment, provided you have not filed a claim under Program Protection. Caveat: because terms and conditions in the plan can vary considerably from state to state, please call the administrator to understand how the Program will work in your state of residence.
Please go to:, for details of the program provisions and exclusions. If prompted, enter the following code when purchasing coverage: LFFE11.
INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW: Benefits on this page are described on a general basis only. There are certain restrictions, exclusions and limitations that apply to all insurance coverages, including an exclusion for pre-existing conditions. This advertisement does not constitute or form any part of the Program Description or any other contract of any kind. Program benefits, limits and provisions may vary by state/jurisdiction and not all coverage is available in all states/jurisdictions. To review full Program details online, go to: Program payments are for the full A+ Program Protection, which consists of Insurance Benefits and Non-Insurance Services.
Individuals looking to obtain additional information regarding the features and pricing of each travel plan component, please contact Trip Mate at 1-888-420-5378.
Insurance Benefits are underwritten by: United States Fire Insurance Company, 5 Christopher Way, 2nd Flr, Eatontown, NJ 07724 under Policy Form Series T210 et. Al. and TP-401 et. Al.
Non-Insurance Services:  Are not insurance benefits Underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company.
Generali Global Assistance and Global Xpi Medical Records Services are provided by Trip Mate.
Program Administrator:  Trip Mate, Inc. (in CA & UT, dba Trip Mate Insurance Agency) 9225 Ward Parkway, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO  64114, 1-800-888-7292
** The "Cancel for Any Reason" Benefit may not be available to residents of certain States (e.g., New York)and requires You insure 100% of the cost of all prepaid Program Arrangements that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions (and also insure within 15 days of the Payment or Deposit for those Program Arrangements the cost of any subsequent Program Arrangements added to Your Program); and You cancel Your Program two (2) days or more before Your Scheduled Trip Departure Date.
Please contact Trip Mate for the specifics in order to make sure you’re fully covered!

The Lillard Fly Fishing Conservation Fund provides financial assistance for LFFE programs through the Charlie Parr Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship allows students passionate about joining a LFFE program to do so without regard to a family’s financial position.

Please learn more about our financial aid opportunities by visiting

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Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions was started in 2010 as a graduate thesis for my Master's Degree in Environmental Conservation Education at NYU. The operating premise was simple - by coupling amazing wilderness fly fishing camps for teens with environmental education and service learning we can help inspire future generations of fly fishing conservationists. We have been growing our unique list of trips and experiences ever since.

When it comes to choosing a summer program for your teen the options are endless. For the teen who loves to fish, be outside, and has a strong sense of adventure we have made the choice easy. We are the leader in teen fly fishing adventures and are dedicated to providing the best backcountry fly fishing experience with opportunities for teens to engage in leadership training, community service, and backcountry camping.


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