Yellowstone Expedition 2 - update 3

Hi all,

Greetings from Bridge Bay campsite! So far the trip has gone wonderfully! We are currently in the park - we have spent six days inside Yellowstone fishing four unique waters, three rivers and one lake. Within these fisheries, the group has had the opportunity to target many species including the Yellowstone cutthroat trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, and grayling. 

On the first day in the park we fished the Gibbon, above Gibbon Falls. To our surprise, the group quickly found a pocket of water with over 50 fish stacked with it. This was a good day not only for assessing the types of waters we would fish, but also gave the gang a chance to see some of the large fish we would have the opportunity to target throughout the trip. That evening our group ate a filling dinner and prepared for our first backcountry. 

The following day, half our group began the five mile hike from the Snake River trailhead, while the other half stayed back to fish the renowned Upper Yellowstone River with a chance of catching 20+ inch Yellowstone cutthroat. The backcountry group arrived to their campsite around 1pm and began fishing. Although the fishing was slow at first, the bite picked up towards the evening and we were given the opportunity to fish for rising trout with dry flies.

On the next day of the backcountry, the rest of the group hiked in, and we all continued another four miles up the trail to our second campsite. At the second campsite, two groups split up - one fishing upstream and the other down. Both groups caught plenty of sizable fish and were able to see what fishing nine miles up the Snake River is like! 

With the first backcountry in the books, the guides are truly impressed at how resilient this group is. Not only was everyone able to hike nine miles in 2.5 hours, but even with all the energy spent on trail, everyone was more than eager to fish! 

Currently our group is staying at Bridge Bay campgrounds located on Yellowstone Lake for a few nights. Today's plans consist of showers, laundry, and a filling dinner after fishing the Upper Yellowstone River. 

With many laughs shared and great stories told, I can say that these boys are an amazing group to spend two weeks in the wilderness with. We've learned a lot of lessons both on and off the water and the gang has strengthened not only their angling abilities, but also their wilderness ones!

-- The guides and the crew

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