Yellowstone Adventure 1 (Update 3)




Hello from Yellowstone. Our adventure continues to be an excellent time with a great group of guys in one of the world’s most beautiful settings. Since the last update, we have continued to grow as outdoorsmen, fly fishermen, and environmentalists.


While staying at Mammoth campground, we had the opportunity to hike and fish in the incredibly scenic Gardner River Valley, the driest part of the park, which offered a different ecosystem than what we had grown accustomed to thus far. We also spent some great time relaxing in the Boiling River. Thy boys really enjoyed the chance to step from the chilly Gardner River into the hot waters of the springs. It is hard to describe how incredible an experience it is to sit in the hot springs watching elk walk across the river with a great group of new friends. Having some successful fish stories from the day to swap made it all the better.

From Mammoth, we headed to Slough Creek, where we split into two groups, each spending one night in the backcountry and one night in the front country of Slough Creek. The day in the front country allowed us the chance to explore some of the waters and sights nearby. We fished the Lamar River successfully, landing some large cutthroat, and wend further into the Lamar Canyon to find a great swimming hole. We also fished and hiked around the Soda Butte Creek, another of Yellowstone’s incredibly beautiful streams.


Our second and final backcountry trip was one that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Not only were they boys more confident and self-sufficient, but we were really impressed at how their hiking had progressed during our time together. The beauty of the backcountry setting is impossible to describe as we camped in a meadow in valley that was just stunning. The fishing was also not to be forgotten. We were able to catch and safely release many Yellowstone cutthroat trout of a size we had not yet encountered. The boys showcased improved casting, presentation, and fly selection. Each group rounded the day out with a great meal and a healthy dose of camaraderie around the fire.



Having hiked out of the backcountry for the last time, we are looking at the homestretch of the trip with some great events on the horizon. We’ll have the opportunity to give back by completing our service project. We’ll follow that up with an exciting whitewater rafting float trip and top it off with a float fishing trip on the Snake River. We will certainly be sad to see the trip end, but we are excited for next few days.



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