Yellowstone Adventure Update

Greetings again from Bridge Bay! Today we wrapped up our last portion of the trip in the Yellowstone front country after a few days of fishing the Snake River, the Upper Yellowstone, and several smaller creeks around the park. The boys have been having a blast, catching fish, and getting along really well. We are all extremely excited about our upcoming backcountry trip tomorrow into Slough Creek, which has been closed until this weekend. We are the first commercial group to go into Slough all season, and these fish haven’t seen a fly since October of 2021. To have the chance to fish an already extremely famous and prolific fishery in the condition it’s in right now is an absolute treat and we will be sure to take full advantage. 

Over the past few days, the group has enjoyed the comfort of a routine and somewhat of a base camp in the park, eating hot breakfast every morning and s’mores every night. We’ve had a great and productive time fishing, learning a little more every day and absolutely crushing the massive native fish at the headwaters of the Yellowstone River with more than a half dozen fish 22” or bigger being brought to net and quite a few around the 20” mark as well. As much fun as the big fish are, we have also enjoyed the smaller streams and their plentiful numbers of slightly smaller fish. To fish big terrestrial dry flies in some of the more scenic streams the park has to offer has been a blessing, and the group has taken full advantage. Fishing rivers such as the Nez Parce and the Gibbon have demonstrated the true beauty of small stream fishing. With groups of 6 exploring different stretches of the river, more water was covered and even more, fish were caught. 

Everyone has been eager to learn and significantly improve not only their fishing capabilities but their knowledge of the outdoors as well. Allowing the kids to have a say over what food is being made, as well as giving them the opportunity to cook has demonstrated a variety of leadership traits and a range of very tasty meals! Throughout most days as well, many questions are asked regarding outdoor knowledge such as what to wear or how to make a fire! Not only has their knowledge strengthened of fishing, but also the wilderness. 

As we close in the end of the trip I couldn’t be more grateful for this group. They are helpful, enthusiastic, and without a doubt full of energy that always keeps the trip moving. We are so pleased to see how far these boys have come as outdoorsmen and fishermen already, and beyond excited to see all that these next five days have in store! 


All the best, 

Eli, Drew, Max, and the Boys

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